How To Make Your Google Search More Effective

How To Make Your Google Search More Effective

Hello friends! Are you not satisfied with your Google Search Results? Then don’t worry, it may happen many times that you don’t get relevant result according to your query. There may be many reasons of this problem like-
  • No results available for your query
  • Entered a wrong query content
  • Some times Google may not understand what you are finding
  • Search for something and get something else
There also may be more reasons for that. But today I’m going to tell you the ways to know thathow to make your Google search results more effective. So, here is some best and effective tricks by which you will be able to make your Google search results more effective.
Have a look on these tricks-

1. Make An Exact Phrase

It may happen many times that you enters wrong or inappropriate query on Google search bar. So, you should try to type an exact phrase or a group of your query. Yo0u can do it very easily by using double quotes both side of you query (“query”). Means if you want to search All Useful Info on Google, try to search “All Useful Info”.

2. Search For Keyword

It is the main thing while you are make a Google search that you should search for a keyword. It means when you type a query on search bar , Google automatically how you somerelevant queries below the search bar. You should select one of them for the effective search results.

3. Search Within A Site

Search within a site means you can search on Google only the content of a certain website. It means if you want Useful Websites in only a certain website, type Latest Jobs : and Google show all the results of the related website.

4. Get Quick Definitions

If you are searching word definitions and not getting the effective result form Google, here is an command that you can use for word definitions. The command is define: for quick definitions. For example if you want the quick definition of Democracy, try to searchdefine:democracy.
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5. Quick Search For Movies

How can you give a quick search for movies? Here is the answer. Friends, you can search movies on Google by entering their name but sometimes you may not get the effective results. So, here is an command movie: that you can use before movie name to get effective results. For example movie:ddlj.

6. Find Time Of Countries

If you have tried to find the time of many countries, cities among the world and didn’t find the effective result, don’t worry! I think you must change in your written query to find the time of a country. The appropriate way is Type Time in search bar and then the name of city or country. For example if you want to get the time of New York, Enter Time New York.

7. Flight Status

If you want to get the US flight status or details and not able to find it on Google, simply use this way. First type the flight name and then flight number and hit enter to see the results. For example, to get the details of American flight number 13, try these keywords American airlines 13.

8. Flights Source To Destination

Feeling difficulty to scheduling flights? No worry, use these key words flights from andflights to. For example, Flights from New York to Mumbai.
So, these are the some tricks that will make your Google search results more effective than before. If you like these tricks, don’t forget to speak you mind using our comment box.



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