How To Earn More Money Using Hostgator Affiliate Program

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Hostgator has proven it self to be the most successful and reliable webhosting company through many years. It has some handsome feature which makes it stand out performer. Hostgator was established in 2002 with it’s headquarter in Houston, Texas But in just few years Hostgator touched almost every continent with more then 200 countries. Currently they’re hosting more then 80 million domains (2012) which are the largest quantity of domain ever hosted by a company. They are reasonably cheap and reliable hosting providers. I my self hosted few blogs on Hostgator and I have experienced how inexpensive and dependable it is as almost all their hosting plans comes with Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth.
Have you ever thought instead of paying for hosting, you may end up make money from Hostgator hosting. Like all other hosting, Hostgator also offers an affiliate program.
 And if we want to make quick cash then it is the perfect way to do that. With Hostgator Affiliate program the only thing you need to do is to refer it to your friends or clients and get paid. The biggest advantage we have in Hostgator affiliate is that, we don’t need to  buy hosting account with Hostgator to get qualified for opening our affiliate account. We can earn about 2000$ per month, depending upon how much clients we refers. There is no minimum payout limits as we're paid whatever we earn every month and moreover Affiliate membership is totally free. So today we will create our first ever Hostgator Affiliate Account and learn how to earn more with Hostgator.You can earn up to 50$ to 125$ per hosting purchased by customer. The detailed rates are as follows

How To Earn More Money Using Hostgator Affiliate Program

How To Get Started With Hostgator Affiliate:

To create an affiliate account with Hostgator follows these steps

You don’t need to have a hosting account before you can sign up. Click here to SIGN UP

Now in site navigation go to "AFFILIATES"

Now we need to sign up for new affiliate account so we will select “SIGN UP TODAY

Now an application form will be open, here we need to fill out or details from our name to our address. It is important to fill out the correct details if you fail to do so then your account will be terminated due to terms violations. Fill out your personal details and press “Continue” button

Once you signed up with them, go to your account information and update your payment settings.

With Hostgator affiliate system you can get paid with PayPal or Check, I would suggest you to use PayPal as it is secured and transfer money instantly. To select your payment method follow these instruction.
To edit payment method first go Here
Now you would able to see two options one PayPal and second Check, according to your need select any of the payment method.

After successfully signing up with Hostgator affiliate system you will able to see your affiliate link which would look like this :-

Now to promote your referral link you don’t need to have a website or blog, but if you do have a blog then you can use Hostgator affiliate banner which are provided here.
You can also use some forums to promote your affiliate but carefully as spamming is the worst.  
You can ask your online friends who are willing to start their own blog to buy with your refer.
You can use social media to promote your affiliate link i.e. Facebook, Twitter and etc

Hostgator also allows you to create custom coupon code, using it you can offer 25% off or $9.94 coupon code. Though never use you own coupon code for signing up. 
I've created A coupon code for newbies in blogging, That will give you 25% Off on every purchase made from hostgator. Coupon is  StartYourBlogger25

2nd one is New year coupon which can be used this entire year(2015), Coupon is 2015NEWYEAR

3rd one is vaccation sale coupon, this coupon also can used this entite year, coupon is VACATIONSALE25

These three coupon codes will not expire, and you can use it any time you wat to, Also it will give 25% off on every purchase from HostGator.

Hostgator pays only for active account and not for those account who signed up but never uploaded website on their server. More over, a user can sign up for only one hosting account, if they sign up for another hosting account, the referral is voided.

 So why not give it a try Sign Up Now.

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