Essay On World Environment Day 2015

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At first, I wish a very warm good morning to all of you present in this meeting. I welcome everybody with much pleasure to participate here. Today we are gathering here to celebrate the World environment day. At first, I am going to say something about the World environment day. 

World environment day is celebrated on 5th June every year. Its aim is to raise global awareness about our environment. Do you know when the World environment day has begun? In the year 1972, the United Nations Conference on the Human environment was held from 5th June to 16th June. After that, every year on 5th June, it has been hosted by different countries of the world with different theme.
This year’s theme of World environment day is “Green economy”. Likewise, in 2011, the theme was “Forest- nature at your service”; in 2010, it was “Many species, one planet-one future”. In 2009, the theme was “your planet needs you-unite to combat climate change.”
Everyone knows the importance of our nature. It consists of all the living beings in earth, which are mutually dependent on each other. But due to the pollution caused by human beings, many species are becoming extinct and the global climate is also changing at a very fast rate. It’s influencing our health and also going to give a long term effect on our future. We know that millions of people in the earth depend on forest for their livelihood. Every living being is dependent on trees. Only the tree can make their food itself. But, we people are degrading the forest very much.

In 2011, our country is the global host of world environment day. As I have said that this year’s theme is “green economy”, does anyone know what is this ‘green economy?” It is an economic development program where the environmental risks are going to be reduced. Now, economy is also considered as a component of the eco system. The businessmen understand that the future of business depends on the green world. The profits and goodwill be reaped by them in the long run.

I will not make it a lengthy speech. I want to say one thing on this great day that try to plant trees as much as you can, because we depend on tree fully. Try to plant at least one tree in any special occasion like on your birthday, anniversary etc.

At last, I want to thank all of you once again to honor me as a guest in this prestigious meeting.
Thank you all.
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