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Premium design with premium software: behaviour-detecting software and unrivalled dual-tone polished edge design, with Fingerprint Scan for additional security. You’ve only got one life, so live it in style.


The HTC One M9+ features a wide range of customisable options. With the built-in HTC Themes app, you can change the look and feel of your phone using your favourite personal photo. Control everything from the shape and size of your icons, ring tone and even wallpaper of your phone.


The HTC One M9+ has an enhanced HTC BlinkFeed that offers recommendations and links based on your location. You’ll get mealtime specials and events in your area, wherever you are.


20MP Duo Camera with uFocus and HTC Eye Experience software gives you unique effects and easy editing tools. UltraPixel front camera provides up to 300% more light capture than standard pixels, for great selfies in a wide variety of lighting. Plus, you can combine your photos and videos with your friends for footage from multiple points of view with the Zoe app. Enjoy incredible images from both sides of the HTC One M9+.


The HTC One M9+ has a front-facing camera built with UltraPixel technology to take in more light, for incredibly detailed selfies, both day and night. Its wide-angle lens is designed to capture a larger field of view, so you’ll get wide backgrounds and all your friends with every shot.


The HTC One M9+ features an intuitive One Gallery that groups your photos and videos with easy organisation and search controls. You can search online sites and social media for photos using facial recognition (Image Match), by date, location or tag.

Keep everything just a few clicks away with the One Gallery.


The HTC One M9+ recreates the 5.1 surround sound effect to deliver a cinematic experience: dialogue leveller keeps a constant volume so that you won’t have to manually adjust. A dynamic equaliser optimises the tone for any content, so you’ll hear an incredibly rich audio space from both speakers as well as headphones. HTC BoomSound with Dolby Audio provides optimised sound from dual as well as multi-channel online sources, for an audio experience you have to hear to believe.


HTC Connect allows you to stream any music or video from the HTC One M9+ to compatible home stereo devices, simply by swiping your home screen with three fingers. You can even stream different music to multiple speakers at the same time, for the ultimate handheld all-metal remote control.

The HTC One M9 is a best smartphone, but it's just got better thanks to a new update HTC has launched today which brings a number of improvements to the handset, and especially the camera.
The software (version 1.40.401.5 ) is being made available for the users, and HTC One M9 owners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa will be able to download it right now, with North American owners getting it later this month. As part of the update the camera on the One M9 is being improved with an emphasis on fixing the auto-exposure balance, which will prevent your snaps from looking washed out.

HTC One M9+ detailed specifications

HTC One M9+ detailed specifications

HTC One M9+ detailed specifications

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