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How To Send A Full Movie Through WhatsApp

Now WhatsApp is become a part of everyone's life. The instant sending of audio, video, texts and images , made the WhatsApp very popular. But some limitations are there.

1. We can only send the video file sizing up to 16MB. Along with that the videos are undergoing a compression, so we cannot enjoy the real quality of the video file.

2. We cannot send PDF, Zip, Apps, Archives, apk, GIF etc..

We can solve these limitations of WhatsApp by using a brand new App called Whats Tools.

This app is introduced to play store by a Kerala based start-Up called "Four Big Brothers".
Every android users can download this awesome App from Google Play store and install.

How To Send A Full Movie Through Whatsapp

All you have to do is, 

1. Install this app and turn on the accessibility service from Settings.
2. Connect Whats Tools to your Google drive
3. Then click on file attach on WhatsApp, other that the default 6 icons you can see all new 8 extra icons that is, Mobile apps, PDF, Zip, Archives, Apk, Gif etc..

You can Also send a HD Full Movie through WhatsApp

Let's See from developer's side

WhatsTools allows you to share Apps, Archives, Docs, Pdf, Images, Music or Other Files up to 1 GB Via SMS and Instant Messaging apps.

☆ Via WhatsApp™: Click on Attach button in chat window to show Whats Tools share menu. Click on the received message to open Download file popup.(We need your permission to show our menu on the click of attach button using an accessibility service)
☆ Any File Type: Share any type of file including installed apps, APKs, Archives, Docs, EBooks, Music, Images, Videos of up to 1 GB via any Instant messaging app installed in your phone.
☆ Up To 1GB: Many of the IM's have restriction on size of file sending (16MB) whereas WhatsTools allows you to send files of up to 1 GB to any of your instant messaging app's contact.
☆ Cross-Platform: Send file to IPhone, Windows Phone & Blackberry. If the receiver is on another platform, the link will be opened in the browser and the user can download file from the webpage.
☆ Share to Anywhere: File sharing is not limited to SMS or IM's. You can copy the download link and share it anywhere through SMS, Email or Social Media Platforms. Anyone with the link can download the file from any platform using a browser.
☆ Peace of mind: All data is guarded behind HTTPS/SSL encryption. We connect to your Google Drive™ with your permission to transfer your files. You can view & manage these files from your Google™ drive as well.
☆ Inbuilt Media Support: WhatsTools support playing of GIF and Music files within the app itself. The app has inbuilt Video player as well for common video formats.
☆ Pausing/Resuming: Uploading and downloading can be paused as well as resumed. In case of a network failure, you will be able to resume the upload/download without losing the current progress.
☆ Preview video before downloading: Thumbnails of video at different durations can be previewed before downloading the actual video which will help you decide whether to download the video.

►Initial Setup◄
1. Enable Accessibility Service
2. Connect to your Google™ Drive.
3. That's it. Start sharing files.
➤ Sending virus/malicious files are against the terms of service of Google™ Drive. If file is infected, the receiver wont be able to download it.
➤ We use non-intrusive ads. So no annoying pop-up and full-screen ads.

Disclaimer: *Unofficial App - We have no relationship with any Messenger apps and its related trademarks in any manner. This application is not endorsed by or affiliated with any other Instant messaging apps. Their name, trademark, and other aspects of the other apps are trademarked and owned by their respective owners.*

►Kindly give your valuable feedback. Please reach at  in case of any bugs. We are working hard to make your experience better. You can also get in touch with us at +919544081199.◄
Come on Lets download this awesome App from here.  Am giving a Rating of 4.6 out of 5.
Note: For your Information, this App currently have a rating of 4.6 that is greater than the Real WhatsApp Messenger (4.4). Share this post to every one and Don't forget to download the Whats Tools App.



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