Know the top 5 Types of Bridal Lehengas

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Marriage season is knocking the door. So, it is time to go for the shopping. There are several things that are there in your list. One such thing is the Bridal lehengas. You must be looking for some new varieties in them. Presently there are five different bridal lehengas that are preferred. A brief ide on them is going to help you choose the right one. You will be a bride only once in your life. So, it is quite natural that you choose the right attire for that event. This article will provide the best guide, so that you feel it easy to choose the best stylish lehenga. 

Sharara Lehenga

It is the traditional and ethnic wear for the brides, designed exclusively by the artisans of Rajasthan. However, there are few styles related to the style. The first thing is that there are two types in the ethnic wear. Generally, they are worn with pants, but for the marriage issues, the skirts are preferred by the brides. You can go for different designs on them, making the look formal or casual. A side bag and a jewellery set with them will remain ideal. 

A-Line Lehenga

This one is again a traditional wear, but some of the latest styles are included in them to turn casual looks in them. The best design of these days’ A-line lehengas are the perfect blouses with puffy sleeves and the lovely looking cholis, especially designed for the brides. The upper part of the dress or the blouses can be customized to a great extent. The perfect cuts and the designs can be easily customized according to your choice. 

Fish Cut Lehenga

It is not having an Indian origin in the style. The cut of the lehenga is often stated to be like fish. The lower end is having two shapes. The top part is having blouse and can be designed extensively. You can get the best styles from the local stores. The exclusive designs of the cholis and the lower end of the skirt looks grand. They are ideal to be worn for the purpose of marriage. The traditional looks in them are ideal for marriage purpose. 

Lancha Lehenga

There are three things that you can choose among the lanchalehenga. The first one is the lower end, which is usually flat and with least designs. The top part is covered with a coat, that looks royal. Choli is one of the thing that you must choose, or can order for the special designs of India, as well as Pakistan. 

Circular/ Flared Lehenga

This one is an ethnic wear, but is preferred by the brides in modern days. The modern designs include different layers in the skirt and the circular styles. You will like the colour combination in the best way. Generally, they were used in the dances, but the exclusive designs that has been imposed in them makes them ideal for the brides. 

There are other few styles among the lehengas, but the five above are best going in the market. Brides are liking them the most and you can customize them too. 
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