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Nokia 3310 relaunch: Everything you need to know

Originally revealed 17 years ago, Nokia has resurrected the classic mobile phone at MWC 2017, with a handful of modern tweaks.

The new version recreates the design of the original, which was an icon of the early 2000s and helped bring text messaging into the mainstream. It was one of the first mobiles to also become a cultural icon, with its distinctive Nokia ringtone, compact design and mobile game Snake, and sold more than 100 million units.

The new version has been unveiled by HMD Global, a Finnish company made up largely of former Nokia employees, that has acquired the rights to the Nokia brand.

First, it isn’t a smartphone. And yes, it’s even a stretch for us to cover it since it doesn’t run Android, but we couldn’t resist! The Nokia 3310 offers a similar design to the original, though it isn’t without some pretty crucial improvements. First, the display has upgraded to a 2.4-inch QVGA color display, something that the original 3310 didn’t offer. Nokia also upgraded the software to Nokia Series 30+, added a 2MP camera, and even a modern microSD slot.

Second, the new design comes in multiple colors and offers a completely revamped version of the classic “Snake”. Nokia also says the phone has a battery that can last a month in standby and that the phone features the classic Nokia ringtone. And that’s about it.

"For the Nokia 3310 we just couldn’t resist. We wanted to reward loyal Nokia phone fans and make a statement that rich heritage, innovation and modern design can go hand-in- hand," HMD's chief product officer Juho Sarvikas said.

Florian Seiche, HMD's president, said the 3310 would be "your digital detox phone", a second device for smartphone-weary consumers, as well as a big seller in emerging markets where cheap "feature phones" are still popular.

Nokia 3310 relaunch: Everything you need to know

Around the back is a basic 2-megapixel camera capable of capturing grainy shots, as well as an LED flash that can be used as a torch.

Nokia has improved its battery life too, with the new 3310 offering 22 hours of talk-time and a month of standby time between charges.

It runs Nokia Series 30+ and users will be able to surf the web via the Opera Mini browser and an extremely limited 2.5G connection, but we imagine most will while away the time by playing Snake instead.

Both single-SIM and dual-SIM options will be available when the handset hits the market in Q2, and HMD Global says it “will retail at an average global retail price” of $52 or 49 Euros

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