26 November 2013

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10 things you should know about the new 2014 Honda City diesel

10 things you should know about the new 2014 Honda City diesel

The new Honda City, with diesel and petrol options, has just been unveiled. Here are 10 things about the Honda City that you must know.This is the fourth generation of the City. The first came out in 1996, the second in 2002, and the third in 2008. The first was based on a modified Civic platform but the second and the third generation Citys, like the current fourth generation one uses the same platform as the Honda Jazz.
10 things you should know about the new 2014 Honda City diesel

Bookings for the new City are already underway. The car will be launched in January with deliveries starting soon after.

2. Styling
The new City is more of an evolution in terms of design. One can spot similarities between the third and the fourth generation cars in the outside door handles as well as the length and width of the cars. The design overall, though more dynamic, resembles the third generation car quite closely. It also uses similar wheel and tyre sizes.
3. Interior
Inside, the fourth generation or new City is dramatically different. It looks edgier and more current than the insides of the outgoing car. We particularly like the high gloss finish around the dashboard, the easy to read clocks and the use of touchscreen interface for the stereo and air on functioning. The visibility, given the overall design hasn't changed dramatically, will be as good as the older car. The new City overall feels plusher than the old one, for sure.
4. Equipment
There's certainly more equipment on board, which was expected given how well the Hyundai Verna has been received thanks to its feature-rich design. So, the new City gets an armrest and air con vents for the rear passengers. There's also a bottle holder on each rear door adding to convenience. Upfront, apart from the touchscreen audio system with Bluetooth connectivity, the new City also gets usable and info-rich instrument cluster, keyless push-button start, a sunroof, rear parking camera, electric ORVMs with fold function and conveniently located cup and bottle holders. It also gets ABS and driver and front passenger airbags.
5. Space
The fourth generation City hasn't grown in size. It still measures 4440mm in length and 1695mm in width. However, the wheelbase has increased by a significant 50mm taking the figure to 2600mm. The previous City was already one of the more spacious cars in its class, but now with the longer wheelbase, Honda claims, the City will comfortably be the most spacious car in its class. We had the chance to sit in the car and we have to agree, in terms of rear kneeroom, shoulder room as well as head room, the City truly does impress. It's quite spacious upfront too. And the boot, as was the case with the previous car, is reasonably big and usable.
6. Engines
The new City will come 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engines. Both engines promise class leading ARAI fuel economy figures and according to Honda, won't be short on performance either.
The petrol engine is the same as on the previous generation City, but Honda has worked on it to improve its overall performance. It has reduced friction in the engine by using low tension oil seals and a zigzag pattern for piston coating. It has also moved to a plastic intake to reduce the overall engine weight and the economy has been increased by tweaking the valve timing and employing a double needle plug. Though Honda hasn't shared the output figures of the engine, we expect the power and torque to go up and the overall fuel consumption to reduce.
The diesel engine meanwhile is borrowed from the Amaze compact sedan. It too displaces 1.5-litre and will develop in excess of 100PS. The engine is an all aluminium unit making it light weight. In addition Honda also uses a high swirl port, low viscosity oil and an offset crankshaft to improve economy.
7. Gearbox
The City will come with the option of two gearboxes. The diesel powered City will only get a five speed manual. The petrol powered version though will get both a 5-speed manual as well as a CVT transmission. The shift quality for manuals, as we have seen in Hondas of yore will be crisp, short-throw and effortless. The clutch effort will be low too making the City an easy car to drive around town.

8. Variants

Expect three trim levels per engine option – E, S and V. The base version – E – will not get all the equipment the show car had on display. Things like the sunroof for instance will be missing on the base version. The top two versions meanwhile will be handsomely equipped for their class and will be armed with comfortable and spacious seats. As for the automatic version, we expect it will only be available in the top of the line version to begin with.

9. Pricing

The new City is more spacious, better equipped and clearly more modern than the car it replaces. We also expect it to be dynamically better sorted. Also, Honda expects a 70:30 split between diesel and petrol versions. Given that the new City is a completely new car, we expect the car to cost at least Rs 50,000 more spec to spec. The diesel versions will of course cost a lakh more than their respective petrol twins.

10. Availability

Bookings for the new City are already underway. The car will be launched in January with deliveries starting soon after. Given what the car promises and the brand strength of the City, we expect the waiting period for the car to be pretty high immediately after its launch, at least in the initial few months, it certainly will be.
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25 November 2013

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  • Arjun Gopi
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5 Tips to Increase Battery Life of your Smartphone

5 Tips to Increase Battery Life of your Smartphone

Smartphones are widely used in our daily life.Calling, messaging, television watching, Internet surfing and all activities can be done with the help of Smartphones.That’s by, the use of Smartphones is incremented in today’s era.As well as use of Smartphone increased, battery consumption grew up.
Low Battery life of Smartphone
Low Battery life of Smartphone
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5 Best Tricks To Make Your Mobile Unreachable

Friends there are many conditions when you don’t want to pick someone’s call, you can do this easily by switching off your mobile. But there are many such conditions that you even can’t ignore their call and want to make your call unreachable or in other word’s you want your mobile to say the caller that “The number you are calling is currently out of coverage area please call back after some time”. This condition arises in every one’s life now and then.
To short out this problem there are several tricks to make your mobile unreachable and the caller will think that there is a network problem. The simplest and easiest way to do this is by taking out battery while the mobile is not switched off. The other tips and tricks are discussed in the below lines. But for different mobile phones different tricks work since it is not possible that all tricks work of every mobile. So you have to try different tricks.

10 Best Photography Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Photography is an art which almost all have tried ones in their life. But among these some are casual photographers and others want to be the best photographers. They want their photos to be appreciated by all the viewers.
But getting an extraordinary comment from the viewer is not an easy task. For this you have to keep several things in mind because anyone can capture a photo of a subject. But only trained and best photographer can make that subject adorable and pleasing of eyes. So through this article today I am going to fetch such 10 tip that will improve the sense of photography for the beginners.
10 best photography tips for beginners are as follows :
Photography Tricks
Photography Tricks

24 November 2013

Top 5 Websites To Download Full Movies Absoulutely Free

If you are fond of watching movies and want to download new and your favorite movies, you will be happy after reading this article because I’ve compile a list of 5 best websites to download full movies absolutely free.
Movies Download
Movies Download
Friends ! You don’t need to purchase any CD or DVD of movies. Use these sites to download free movies online. These all are very easy to use. So give a look on top 5 websites to download full movies for free -

7 Tricks To Increase Internet Speed In Android Mobile

Today we need to access internet most of the time, in whichever sectors or field you are working in. Internet is used by student to get more information on different topic, for business purpose to get the latest detail of the market and many more.
But in this most of the people use internet in their mobile and uses 2G services. In the beginning 2G gives good speed but after that it gives a very bad speed. Sometimes we just get irritated by using the bad speed internet.
The bad speed of mobile internet may occur due to several reasons like bad signal strength, congestion and load in network etc. None of the mobile company will guaranty you the plan with full speed. All mobile internet speed decreases after few time of usage.
In this article you’ll find out How to increase internet speed in Android mobile. Thedifferent tips and tricks to speed up your Internet in Android mobile are given in under given lines.
Speed up Internet in mobile

I’ve 7 tips to increase Internet speed in your android mobile are as follows:
  1. Clear the cache memory of your mobile. Never fill the cache memory of your mobile. Always remove the data, apps and information from your mobile which is no longer useful. This can increase the speed of internet in your mobile.
  2. Never install too much of software in your mobile it will decrease the speed of internet in your mobile. Always uninstall the software which is no longer useful.
  3. To increase the speed of internet in your mobile you can change the internet setting to load maximum KB data.
  4. To increase the speed of internet in your mobile, if you are using it only for text then you should block images in your mobile. By this you can increase the mobile internet speed and will decrease the charge too. Like some provide charge per KG. And if you want to load then load low quality image.
  5. Never download other applications while surfing.
  6. Before using internet always make sure that you are using mobile internet in good network coverage, for good speed of internet in your mobile.
  7. If you want good speed it your mobile then always load mobile view in opera mini.
I think that after reading this article you’ll be able to increase internet speed in your android mobile.

How To Make Your Google Search More Effective

Hello friends! Are you not satisfied with your Google Search Results? Then don’t worry, it may happen many times that you don’t get relevant result according to your query. There may be many reasons of this problem like-
  • No results available for your query
  • Entered a wrong query content
  • Some times Google may not understand what you are finding
  • Search for something and get something else
There also may be more reasons for that. But today I’m going to tell you the ways to know thathow to make your Google search results more effective. So, here is some best and effective tricks by which you will be able to make your Google search results more effective.
Have a look on these tricks-

Top 10 Charming Google Funny Tricks To Shock You Ever

As we all know that Google is now king of the world of Internet and still try to gladden its users. Google ever try to surprise you by revealing new charming and engaging Funny Tricks. These Funny Google Tactics are not any service instead it’s just a way to make your mood funny by playing with these Google Funny tricks. So, in this article, I’m going to compile Top 10 Charming Google Funny Tricks to shock you ever.

Top 10 Google Funny Tricks

Google Funny Tricks
Google Funny Tricks
So, be ready to convert your mood into fun and take another experience with Google. Have a look in these 10 charming Funny Google Tricks -

How To Transfer Your Blogger Blog To Another Account

Blogger is the best place to create your own blog for absolutely free. This service is run by Google. Here you need a Google account to enter Blogger. In fact, whenever you open Blogger.com, you have to log in with your Google account.
Actually, it is a tutorial article, in which I will tell you how to transfer your blogger blog to another account. Here is a very easy procedure to transfer your blogspot blog to another Google account. So, follow the steps to know how to transfer.

14 November 2013

Increase Speed of Android Phone In Easy Steps

We all use Android Phones in our daily routine. For this we have a lot of apps installed on our phone for the distinct purpose and sometimes we have to use many apps at the same time like opening Media Players, opening a browser and sending files etc.With just a few tweaks and changes, you’d probably be able to breathe life into your Android specifically those that have been updated to Android 4.0 and above.
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  • Arjun K Gopi
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Turn Your Nokia Phone Into a Wifi Hotspot

Turn Your Nokia Phone Into a Wifi Hotspot

What happens if your Broadband gets down suddenly on a day when having access to the internet is of most important?
One of our TT readers experienced the same problem and his problem is not rectified even after repeated complaints for about 4 days! So we don’t want our TT readers to face such problems again.
So we decided to review a wonderful mobile app called Joikuspot which will turn your Nokia Mobile Phone into WI-FI Hotspot sounds interesting?
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03 November 2013

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  • Arjun K Gopi
  • Education.

What is Polypropylene?

 What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a plastic polymer with the chemical formula C3H6. It is used in many different settings, both in industry and in consumer goods, and it can be used both as a structural plastic and as a fiber. This plastic is often used for food containers, particularly those that need to be dishwasher safe.
The melting point of polypropylene is very high compared to many other plastics, at 320°F (160°C), which means that the hot water used when washing dishes will not cause dishware made from this plastic to warp. This contrasts with polyethylene, another popular plastic for containers, which has a much lower melting point. Polypropylene is also very easy to add dyes to, and it is often used as a fiber in carpeting that needs to be rugged and durable, such as that for use around swimming pools or on miniature golf courses. Unlike nylon, which is also often used as a fiber for rugged carpeting, it doesn't soak up water, making it ideal for uses where it will be constantly subject to moisture.
Research is ongoing with polypropylene, as makers experiment with different methods for synthesizing it. Some of these experiments yield the promise of exciting new types of plastic, with new consistencies and a different feel from the fairly rigid version that most people are used to. These new elastic versions are very rubbery, making them even more resistant to shattering and opening up many different uses for an already pervasive plastic.

Polypropylene is not as sturdy as polyethylene, but it has benefits that make it the better choice in some situations. One of these situations is creating hinges from a plastic, such as a plastic lid on a travel mug. Over time, plastics wear out from the repetitive stress of being opened and shut, and eventually will break. Polypropylene is very resistant to this sort of stress, and it is the plastic most often used for lids and caps that require a hinging mechanism.
Like many plastics, polypropylene has virtually endless uses, and its development has not slowed since its discovery. Whether used for industrial molds, rugged currency, car parts, or storage containers, it is one of a handful of materials the world is literally built around.
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02 November 2013

  • 12:01 PM
  • Arjun K Gopi

Top 10 Diwali SMS to spread the festive cheer

Top 10 Diwali SMS to spread the festive cheer

Happy Diwali

It's that time of the year again - the time that good triumphs over evil and we all come out to celebrate the festival of lights and spread love and affection all around. Want to wish your near and dear ones good luck and prosperity this Diwali but can't find the right words? We've rounded up some lovely Diwali quotes to help you know exactly what to say to friends, family and colleagues this weekend.
1. May a zillion lights of joy reflect on you and your family on this Diwali day. Wishing you fun that sparkles, love that shines, happiness that overwhelms , prosperity that overflows and peace that stays forever. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Diwali!
2. Good fortune, Purity, Prosperity, May Lord Ganesha bless you with all his charms, today and for years to come. Wishing you a very happy Diwali.
3. At this joyous time, let us remember fond memories and look forward to great things that are yet to come. May our lives be filled evermore with good cheer, luck, prosperity and virtue. Wishing you good fortune this Diwali.
4. May this Diwali bring good fortune and prosperity to us all. May our lives be brighter and filled with faith, purity and perseverance. As we light up diyas in our homes this Diwali, we share our blessings of good life and peace with the world. Happy Deepavali!
5. May the millions of lights that shine today light up your life with endless prosperity, good fortune and joy. Sending you and your family warmest wishes for a wonderful Diwali.

6. With the gleam of diyas and the echos of chants, may happiness and contentment fill your life this Diwali. Sending you love, luck and best wishes on the festival of lights.
7. This Diwali we wish for you infinite little lamps of joy to be lit in your life, to erase the darkness and bring brightness and merriment, prosperity and good luck, peace and love. May the glow of happiness shine on you always. Happy Diwali!
8. A festival full of sweet childhood memories, a sky full of fireworks, a mouth full of sweets, a house full of diyas and a heart full of happiness...Wishing you good luck and prosperity this Diwali.
9. Let this Deepawali not only be a celebration of good's triumph over evil but a celebration of the serenity and goodness of life itself. For each candle that we light up in our homes with our families, we also let the best in ourselves shine brighter. Wising you peace and happiness this Diwali.
10. With the echo of holy chants, with the bright glow of diyas, with the sweet smell of flowers, may this Diwali fulfill all your dreams.

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