23 December 2013

What is AutoWebSurf?

Mostly known as autohits or autosurf.
AutoWebSurf.com is much more than just autosurf, We help your website to achieve better ranking in alexa, google and other search engines. Custom timer that allows you to show your site from 10 to 60 seconds. we accept personal websites, blog, videos and social media pages. We accept almost all types of family friendly websites as longer they are not frame breakers. You have control over how many hourly visit should your site receive. we pay for the credits you earn if you wish to sell them. Our affiliate program pays up to 50% commissions

Simple Guide To Get Strat With Autowebsurf.com [Traffic Exchange Programme]

You need web traffic, how to start?

Sign up a free account, confirm your email, login to your account and "Start Traffic Exchange" As you surf other sites, you earn credits and they get used up with showing your sites to others.
To understand our system, you should spare some time to glance through the features we offer in user panel.
500 free traffic credits just to kick start your site. Signup Now!

Simple Steps:-

First Of all You have to signup By Clicking Here.

Confirm your Email,and Login to your Account.

On the Left Side Of your Home page,you'll see a "Sites & Credits" Tab

Click it Then on "Add Sites"

And Put your website name and URL As shown In Figure:-

Simple Guide To Get Strat With Autowebsurf.com [Traffic Exchange Programme]

And Again back to "My Account" Tab,Click On "Start Traffic Exchange" and Again Click on "Start traffic Exchange" On the center of the page.

Simple Guide To Get Strat With Autowebsurf.com [Traffic Exchange Programme]

A pop up window will Open and will Start traffic Exchange.
 After Attaining some Credits,Follow these Steps,

This Step Is very Important,Without Doing This,U'll Not get Any Traffic for your site.

click on member home page and then on assign credits

Simple Guide To Get Strat With Autowebsurf.com [Traffic Exchange Programme]

and Assign how much credits as you want to add with your site.
Simple Guide To Get Strat With Autowebsurf.com [Traffic Exchange Programme]
 Then Click on save changes

22 December 2013

Today we provide you new blogger tips to add facebook like popup box for blogger. Some time ago we discussed about how to add like box widget in your sidebar now we provide you full step by step guide to add popup like box widget for blogger to increase more facebook likes of your facebook fan page. This facebook like box appear after your site or page load.
How to Add Facebook Like Popup Box for Blogger

Add Facebook Like Popup Box widget for Blogger

Follow below steps to Add Facebook Like Popup Box widget for Blogger:

Step 1

Log in into Blogger Dashboard.

Step 2

Go to Template and Click on Edit HTML Button as shown in below picture.

 Facebook Like Popup Box

Step 3

Find below Code With the help of CTRL+F

Step 4

Copy and Paste below code before :


Don't Forget To Join US Our Community




 Change HaakBlog to your Facebook Page Name

Step 5

Click on Save Button.

PS: this widget By http://www.haakblog.com
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Add Floating Social Media Sharing Buttons To Blogger for increase the number of social sharing on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google +1 and other social networks. It is very good and easy way to share your content to directly on social networks sites for your visitor. It has contain many social networking sites like Facebook Like & Facebook share, Twitter Share, Stumble Upon, Google +1, RSS Feed and Digg this with live counter which is show how many times your content share on social networks sites. You can also add more social networks sites as you want to wish to add.

Add Floating Social Media Sharing Buttons To Blogger

How to Add Floating Social Media Sharing Buttons

You can add easily Floating Social Media Sharing Buttons to blogger with follow below steps:

Step 1

Log in into Blogger Dashboard and Go to Layout.

Step 2

After Go to Layout click on Add A Gadget link as shown in below picture.

Add Floating Social Media Sharing Buttons To Blogger

Step 3

When you click on Add A Gadget link a pop-up window will open scroll down and select HTML/Javascript

Add Floating Social Media Sharing Buttons To Blogger

Step 4

Copy below code and paste it to HTML/JavaScript box.


Get widget

Tips: Please change ArjunsBlog to your twitter username for twitter setting and also replace your feedburner url to http://feeds.feedburner.com/ArjunsBlog

Step 5

Click on Save Link.
Now you're done. Its very easy to add Floating Social Media Sharing Buttons To Blogger and follow tips to customize it. 
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21 December 2013

How To Submit A Site To Search Engines

there are many search engines like google, yahoo, msn, bing but in this post there are many urls. open this url and submit your site in it. this easy method your page ranking is best and your site top list of search engines.



How to Increase Your Blog's Trafic [Simple Method]
In this post i'm Going to tell you How to increase your Blog's Trafic. 
many people use alternate method and get more traffic but this method is very simple and easy.
use this trick and enjoy many more visitors in a website.

  • First of all sign up in this site SIGN UP this site the quality traffic exchange.
  • conform your email in email address and sign in this site hitleap.
How To More Visitors In Your Blog

Click my Website and then click on "Submit website into the traffic exchange."Submit your blog's URL.
Click Traffic Exchange and download the hitleap software and run this software and enjoy new more visitors.

Look How many Visit i Got In One day:-

How to Increase Your Blog's Trafic [Simple Method]

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How to Customize Your Blog Post Images

How to Customize Your Blog Post Images,index post in google 

It is very importent of blogger post images, because this way is very importent to post index in google search engine. Any people search in google ralated to your keyword in this blogger your post and your blogger in search list how to optimize your post images first of all write your post title and copy this post title. insert the images ralated your post title and click this picture see down open a table about picture and click the properties. open a new box TEXT TITLE AND ALT TEXT your post title insert text title and six of your post ralated keywords write in commas and put the alt text. your picture will customize and searching in google images.
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How to create a SEO Friendly title for blogger
How to create a seo friendly title for blogger.,Here am going to tell you.
 make your blog seo friendly title and you site promote in search engine like google and your post search in google early your site or blog name.

 optimize blogger blog titles Search engine friendly.

        Go to Template->Edit HTML
        find the following


        Replace the it with the following code



      <blog.pagename></blog.pagename> <b>- Arjun's Blog!</b>

    Replace the textArjun's Blog! by your blog's Name
    Done..! you have an SEO friendly page title.Enjoy!!

    20 December 2013

    Today I'll Tell You About How To Create Sitemap Page in Blogger.
    Blogger Sitemap is Very important for Your Blog, Because All of Your Blogger Post can find in a Sitemap, So Create a Sitemap Of Your Blogger and Enjoy.
     Very Simple Trick!

    Read Also>> How To Create Site Map
    • Open Your Blogger Dashboard.
    • Click the New Page and Then Blank Page.
    • Click the HTML See Here.
    How To Create Sitemap Page in Blogger 

    • This Code Copy and Past in it HTML.
    • Replace the https://attittudeblogger.in With your Blogger Name.
    • Publish and happy your Blog Sitemap page is Ready. 
    margin:5px auto;
    border:1px solid #2D96DF;
    -webkit-box-shadow:4px 4px 8px 2px rgba(0,0,0, 0.2);
    -moz-box-shadow:4px 4px 8px 2px rgba(0,0,0, 0.2);
    box-shadow:4px 4px 8px 2px rgba(0,0,0, 0.2);
    margin:0 -5px;
    padding:1px 0 2px 11px;
    background:-moz-linear-gradient(right,#C2EAFE 0%,#055A85 40%);
    background:-webkit-gradient(linear,left 10,right 80,color-stop(0.20,#055A85),color-stop(1,#C2EAFE));
    border:1px solid #2D96DF;
    -webkit-border-radius:4px;box-shadow:3px 3px 1px #bbb;
    -moz-box-shadow:3px 3px 1px #bbb;-webkit-box-shadow:3px 3px 1px #bbb;display:block;
    .labl a{
    background:-moz-linear-gradient(right,#C2EAFE 0%,#fff 40%);
    background:-webkit-gradient(linear,left 80,right 10,color-stop(0.60,#fff),color-stop(1,#C2EAFE));
    .postname li{
    border-bottom: #ddd 1px dotted;


    18 December 2013

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    You are reading this post, then surely you are running a blog or we can say just another blog in the blog-o-sphere. Don’t mind, I’m not here to hurt your feelings.
    It’s common to all that blogging makes money online with awesome sources like CPC ad networks, Blog giveaways, sponsored posts, affiliate sales, vlogging (video blogging) and many others. But the one which is most preferable and first choice of bloggers is Google Adsense (CPC program).
    If you wanna make real money with this giant CPC ad network, then you have to build a reputable blog. This is the backbone of my first sentence from which I start writing this guide. I’m writing this guide and this doesn’t mean that I’m expert in making real money with Google Adsense. I do experiments and get some good results. That’s what I’m gonna share today.
    Google AdSense income booster Google Adsense Income Boosters – Three Most Effective Strategies

    My Three Supportive Hands To Deal With Low Adsense Income

    Do, you like the above heading? If yes, then surely you’ll like further article too icon smile Google Adsense Income Boosters – Three Most Effective Strategies
    Making a Google Adsense income that gives you a big smile on your face is only possible when you are dedicated to your work. You need to make plans and strategies to work with them. Only then you can get productive results.
    If you browse the internet, then no doubt, you can find a lot of ways that you can follow to increase your Google Adsense revenue like using same color ads as of your blog text and links color, wrapping up ads with the text, using maximum allowed ad units, sparkling the high paying keywords within the content etc. Yes, all these ways help bloggers to make some money with Adsense but you can only take out your hosting and management costs with these strategies. Real money comes with real, working and effective plans. I’m gonna share my three strategies that I think will help you for sure to get more money with your CPC ad network.
    I recommend you to first checkout these
    1# Get US/UK/Canada Traffic Using Guest Blogging
    It’s not hidden from anyone that if we get traffic from US/UK/Canada like countries, then our Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click) touches the sky but the question is how to get traffic from these countries?
    Do whatever you can do to drive traffic from these countries like sharing posts in LinkedIn groups but you should test my strategy too.
    Make a list of some popular blogs in your niche that are getting enough traffic especially from these countries (Check out their Alexa stats). Follow those blogs, comment on their blog posts and build better relationships with the blog owners. Do the same for atleast one month. After that, send them a polite request to write a guest post for them. Once your request gets approved, you are ready to drive foreign traffic.
    Write and submit your best articles there and see the results. You’ll surely notice a good amount of traffic landing to your blog from High paying Google Adsense countries. More traffic = More Money! icon biggrin Google Adsense Income Boosters – Three Most Effective Strategies
    2# Do Smart Keyword Research – A Hidden Trick
    Believe me or not, this trick will surely help you a lot. We all know that no one can neglect the keyword research’s importance in SEO and driving organic traffic. Selecting high paying keywords returns high CPC. Yes, it’s true but thinks for a moment.
    If your competitors also targeting the same high paying keywords, then how you’ll get the ranking and organic traffic. A super fail! Right?
    But here we have a trick that we can implement to our blog posts while writing. Follow below steps:
    • Do keyword research and find out some low competitive keywords (Forget about their CPC because our main motto is to drive organic traffic as much as possible) and some high paying keywords too.
    • Write quality posts targeting those low competitive keywords and smartly sparkle the high paying keywords near to your Google Ads.
    • Targeting low competitive keywords will give you good organic traffic and using high paying keywords will returns high paying ads display in your blog.
    • In this way, you can boost your blog traffic and Adsense CPC too. This is what we call “Hitting two birds with single stone” icon biggrin Google Adsense Income Boosters – Three Most Effective Strategies
    Now, it’s time for last but not the least Adsense booster.
    • Read: Why Google AdSense India has such low CPC
    3# Launching Smart Giveaways – Not just the Giveaways
    Giveaway is one of the best ways to promote blog in short time. By launching giveaway to your blog, you can easily get new readers, social likes, email subscribers and many more that is beyond to our thinking.  But do you know, we can use giveaways to boost our Adsense earnings too. Yes, here is the way.
    • Read: Giveaway.ly – Make money by hosting contest on your blog
    Start a Guest posting giveaway in your blog and set the winning criteria based on maximum comments and social shares on guest author’s posts.
    How it’ll give us productive results? Very simple:
    • Guest authors will write high quality content for our blog.
    • Our blog will get update very frequently.
    • Search engines loves frequently updated blogs having quality content.
    • You’ll get high search ranking, means high organic traffic that will push up the second Adsense booster.
    • Guest authors will share their written posts on their social profiles. Means traffic from various sources and countries will land to our blog which will provide strength to our first Adsense booster strategy.
    • New readers will land to your blog means higher chances to get clicks on our ads.
    If we calculate, more content + more social shares + more traffic + more readers + more ad clicks = more money to our pocket
    If you are wondering how you can get prizes for your giveaway, you can check out this post on getting sponsors for blog contest.
    So, these were my three strategies that can help you to earn more money from your blog.


    Getting decent earnings from any source is totally based on experiments. Do experiment and A/B spilt testing and find out the best working ways for you. I hope you would like this post, if so then please share it with your social media friends and help them too to increase their income from Google Adsense. Thanks and Happy Blogging icon smile Google Adsense Income Boosters – Three Most Effective Strategies

    17 December 2013

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    How to Submit Blog to Technorati?

    Technorati is one of the biggest blog directory and has a great index of Blogs from around the globe. Technorati not only is an index of Blogs but also rank them. And if your site is ranked at top 10 under any category, you can expect some nice traffic. Today, we will see how we can submit blog to Technorati as it helps in ranking and also helps in faster indexing of new site.

    technoratihomepage thumb How to Submit Blog to Technorati?

    Starter guide to Submit Blog to Technorati :

    The whole process is divided into 3 simple steps. Register > Submit site > Claim token. In this tutorial, I will explain all the steps one by one. Do remember, try to put all related category and add a complete description to let people know you are running a professional blog. After all, your site in Technorati is like a portfolio of your blog.
    Claim your Blog:
    To get started with this, register for a free account at Technorati. Once you are registered, go to your account page and add your blog under my claimed blog list.
    technoratiblogclaim thumb How to Submit Blog to Technorati?
    Click on claim and on the next page add details about your blog. Most important part is selecting the category. So use it wisely, else your blog may be listed in wrong category and you might miss a good chunk of quality traffic.
    blogdetailstechnorati thumb How to Submit Blog to Technorati?Once you are done adding categories and tags, click on proceed to next step. You will be receiving an Email from Technorati along with claim token which you need to add into your blog to move ahead with the blog claim. This check claim process is done to verify that you own that blog.

    How to Claim blog in Technorati?

    By now you have added your blog in technorati and the only process which is left is claiming your blog. Go to your account page and click on check claim below the blog you have just added.
    All you need to do is create a new blog post along with the Technorati token you have received in the Email or you can find it again in check claim page. Make sure your claim token also appears in feed. One major mistake users make here is, they add the token in existing published post and it doesn’t work The token should appear in new blog post. You can eiher create a post saying test post and add your token as body in the text or simply when you are publishing a new post, you can add token. Technorati uses feeds to verify the presence of claim token. Once claim is done, you can edit the post and remove the technorati token text from it.
    claimstatustechnorati thumb How to Submit Blog to Technorati?
    Once done, click on verify claim token. It usually take 2-3 days to see your blog in Technorati directory.  This whole process usually take 5-10 minute and it’s worth your time.
    Here are few more resources which you should do for your blog:


    Do let us know if you have submitted your blog to technorati or are you going to do it now? Also do you know other blog directories which is worth submitting your blog. Suggest only those blog directories which actually drive traffic for your blog.
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    16 December 2013

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    Twiends : Twitter Follower Exchange Program to grow Twitter Followers!!

    Tweinds is one such Twitter Follower exchange program which you won’t regret joining it. It’s up to you f you want to use it or not, but instant joining will give you odd 15 followers or may be more. So, today we will look into how this follower exchange program works, which helps you to get more Twitter followers quickly.

    We all know how to get targeted Twitter followers and genuine twitter followers but the problem with these method is they are too slow and takes lots of time when you see your follower count at some level.
    There are many third party sites which allow you to exchange followers to grow your Twitter followers. Most of them work on Twitter exchange basis or you need to buy credits to get more twitter followers. This is one effective way to grow your twitter follower count but the down side is you might not get targeted followers.
    One of such service is Twiends which is quite effective to increase your Twitter follower and quite fast. I have tried and tested this service and within 2 hours, my follower count increase by 86.

    tweinds thumb Twiends : Twitter Follower Exchange Program to grow Twitter Followers

    Twiends work on seed basis, you can assign number of seeds a user will get when they will follow you. In the same manner, when you follow someone from twiends interface, you get seeds.

    TwiendsSeeds thumb Twiends : Twitter Follower Exchange Program to grow Twitter Followers

    How to increase Twiends seeds:

    When you sign up for Twiends and confirm your subscription, you get free seeds. This is one easy way to get some twitter followers without doing anything.
    They also have a referral system, you will get 25 seeds, when a user sign up via your referral link. So if you have set 2 seeds/followers, you will get 12 quick twitter user with one referral.
    They also have a subscription option, which you can use to buy seeds. Though I might not go for paid subscription for myself, as I would believe in getting targeted followers when I’m investing something. And paid subscription in other way is like Buying Twitter followers.  You can use the free version smartly and can follow real people with same interest, might take time but useful if you want to maintain a ratio of 1:1 or may be better.
    • Growth in Twitter follower
    • Easy to use
    • Free Signup
    • Free Followers
    • Non-Targeted followers
    • Unfollow rate is high
    As I mentioned above, sign up doesn’t take time and system will never follow anyone from your account automatically. If you don’t want to follow any, don’t follow. Though overall, twiends is a clean and neat service for people who are looking to quickly grow their Twitter follower count. More over, you can sign in using your Twitter account, so you will have one less password to remember. You can sign up and enjoy free followers because of free seeds you will get when you sign up.

    Sign up for Twiends

    Earlier Twiends has Facebook fan exchange program, but due to Facebook policies they have to shut it down. Still for Twitter, it’s an effective means to get large Twitter followers. If you have used Twiends in the past, I would love to know your opinion and review of this service.
    Twiends is a clean and neat service for people who are looking to quickly grow their Twitter follower count. It's like a mututal Twitter follower exchange program. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.
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    15 December 2013

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    How to add Follow button to your Facebook profile

    Facebook is one of the many social networks where people can follow you to stay connected with your updates.You can easily integrate “Follow” button to your Facebook profile with “Add Friend” and “Message” button.Follow button is also a useful feature of Facebook which lets you to follow someone’s profile updates.
    Actually,It is very common for webmasters having more than one year experience in this field.In addition famous people tend to use Follow button to make and increase followers despite making friends.

    Add Follow button to your Facebook profile

    To add follow button to Facebook profile is not a difficult task,instead you will feel fun and ease to add follow button because you don’t need paste button code.Now,add follow button to your Facebook profile with me.So,a look below :
    • Sign in to your Facebook account and go to Follow|Facebook.Here you’ll see a button named “Turn On Follow” button.
    • Click this button to on activity of follow button to your Facebook profile.
    Follow Button to facebook profile
    Follow Button to Facebook profile
    • After that you will see the given screen to manage settings for your followers.Lets give a look at image.
    Follower settings for Fcaebook
    Follower settings for Facebook
    That’s it! Congrats now you have done.Check the button you have added to your Facebook profile by viewing your profile as public.
    Now number of people can follow your updates and you can increase your followers list to get fame.Leave a comment if you have trouble somewhere in the procedure.
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    Top 5 Clever Tricks To Identify Fake Accounts on Facebook

    As we all know and see on Facebook and other social networks that number of fake accounts are day by day increasing and disturbing real people. On such social networks like Facebook, it is very difficult task to identify the fake accounts. So, by using some clever tricks, you can simply verify fake accounts on Facebook. Yes guys, these all the tricks are especially made for Facebook users.
    So, friends before adding any person on Facebook, you must check out whether he/she is real person on Facebook or not. Our clever tricks will surely help you a lot in this case.

    How To Identify Fake Accounts on Facebook (Tricks)

    Identify Fake Accounts
    Identify Fake Accounts
    So, now I’m going to tell out the Top 5 Clever Tricks To Identify Fake Accounts on Facebook. Genuinely, these all the tricks are basic and simple but may prove very useful to identify fake accounts. Now, have a look on the following tips for verifying fake Facebook accounts -

    Trick #1 : Notice Status Updates, Photos & Comments

    It is very easy and most common way to judge whether the account is fake or not. You should look for the status updates of the relevant account. If the account is fake, he/she will not care for the status is good or bad. So, You can simply notice a fake account by keep looking for their status updates.
    Another facts are the photos and comments. You should point out the comments leaved by the user you want to check out whether is real or not. You should also keep looking for the photos, he/she is posting on their wall. You should also check out the photos on their Facebook profile, if their exists only one photo of an individual person, that account may be fake.

    Trick #2 : Keep Looking Recent Activities

    You should keep looking the recent activities of suspicious account. You should check out whether that user is making new friends continuously and having no page likes and no groups added. Such types of activities indicates that the user is not real person and running a fake account. You should ignore such type of accounts.

    Trick #3 : Check Out The Friends List

    It is also a most important issue to find out a fake account on Facebook. As usually, maximum fake accounts are of the girls profiles. Generally, you should check out the friends list of that person and if you found maximum number of friends of opposite gender, it means the profile is used for fun and that’s why it’s a fake account.

    Trick #4 : Check Out Basic Information

    Check out if there is no ideal links regarding any school, institution or workplace in their profile and that user is looking for dating and interested in men or women, it is supposed to be a fake account. Another doubt is that no girl will show their contact number in the profile, so if any do so and not other useful info, it may be a fake account.

    Trick #5 : Go For a Trial Chat

    If you received any friend request and have any doubt that the account is fake, accept the friend request and go for chat with the relevant person. If you received any odd reply (like Do you have any boyfriend, Are you single or more..), it is surly a fake account. You can just unfriend and block that person from your Facebook profile.
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    '); }());


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