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$100 Paypal Cash Giveaway – ENTER TO WIN

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Am happy to announce my first Cash Giveaway on this blog.
Paypal Giveaway

How to Enter My First $100 Giveaway

It is very easy to enter the giveaway, you can see it and enter here.
N.B: You will be asked if you are an entrepreneur, Provide YES as your answer, then input your email address. BOOM!, you have entered the contest.
The next thing is to check your inbox for further details of the giveaway.
P.S: The confirmation email might land on your SPAM box. Be sure to check it if you don’t see it in INBOX.

How to Win the Awesome Giveaway

My giveaway is different from other giveaways you might have seen on the internet in the sense that its too simple to partake in. What you will be needing here is just your email address.
After submitting your email, a confirmation email would be sent to you in order for you to get your lucky URL.
With this special URL, you will be able to increase your chances of winning the promised cash.

How do I Increase my Chances of Winning?

Although this is not compulsory but there are quite a number of ways by which you can increase your chances of winning the giveaway.
Using these techniques are crucial but this has to be done after inputting your email address.

1.) Facebook:

This is one of the best ways to increase your chances of winning the giveaway. This can be divided into two ways i.e. the free way and a way that involve a little cash if you would like to try it out because this is going to increase your chances of winning the giveaway.
Using the free way will involve sharing your lucky URL with your friends and family as well as the groups you belong to on facebook.
You can actually spend as little as $20 or more on facebook in order to win the full cash. After winning, you would have $80 as net cash.

2.) Twitter:

Just like Facebook. You can also promote the giveaway by tweeting it to your followers, or sending it to your friends with larger followers to do that for you. It can also be promoted via sponsored Retweets for few dollars

3.) Guest Posting

Guest Posting is another awesome ways to increase your chances of winning but you have to make sure you use your lucky URL in your guest posts. This is 100% effective way of increasing your chances.

4.) Blog about the Giveaway

Although this is optional but recommended, you are permitted to blog about the giveaway on your blog. Just don’t forget to slot in your lucky url so that your audience can enter the giveaway with your referral url.

5.) Social Bookmarking Sites

You can also use social bookmarking sites to increase your chances of winning the giveaway. Sites like Reddit, stumbleupon, digg and other related sites will come in handy for you.

6.) Email your own Email list

If you happen to have an email list. This will be an additional benefit for you. Get the word to your fans. If they join the giveaway via your url, you are on your way to winning the giveaway.

7.) Forums

This is another good avenue to promote the giveaway using popular forums on the internet.


I can go on and on telling you about how to increase your chances of winning this giveaway. I know your head would have been spinning by now on different ways by which you can win the cash which would be sent to your paypal account the second day after the completion of the giveaway.
The more points you have, the higher chance of winning the price. There you have it folk. I wish you best of luck.
If i may ask you that if you win this $100 Paypal Cash Giveaway, how would you spend the cash? Let me hear your reply by commenting below.
P.S: I will be running another giveaway in the future, in order to get alerted on this, just subscribe to my email list on the top right hand side of this page. Thank you.
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