21 Powerful Ways To Optimize Your Blog

Optimization means how could you, make your blog site to be visible in  search engine. Here each and every step is important for you to optimize your blog or website. Before you are going to optimize your site, your aim should be, how to get rank in google. That means, how your blog will appear at least google's first page.

21 Powerful Ways To Optimize Your Blog

#1.Create a free blog in  blogspot.com  then write your topic. Suppose you create a post about make money online with PTC sites. Before you are going to write,  do some keyword research . Keywords are the popular words used by the people in the time of their searching.  Then pick up those keywords . Use that keywords in your title, in your heading, and in your body. Don't repeat the same keyword again and again. You can use alternative keyword with same meaning. Write the post in your own way means never copy from others content. If you do not have writing skill just read many posts regarding your niche (topic). Get an idea from that and then create your post.  let search engine find your site. Make sure you use all your meta tags properly.

Your sitemap url will be http://abc.blogspot.com/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500
#2.  Once your site is ready then submit your site url to  as many as search engine through freewebsubmission.com or submit express  tools.  Make sure that you have individually submitted your blog site URL to google,yahoo,bing,msn,ask.com through its webmaster tools. Now yahoo and bing has one webmaster tool  that is bing webmaster tool.

 A- Submit your site to google-   http://www.google.com/addurl/ OR https://www.google.com/webmasters/tool

B- Submit your site url to  yahoo -http://add.yahoo.com/fast/add?54397758

 C- Submit your site url to Bing/ MSN- http://www.bing.com/toolbox/submit-site-url OR http://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster/

#3. Submit your sitemap to google, yahoo,bing, msn, ask.com. You can manually submit your sitemap url through its webmaster tools.

means  after your site URL just add /atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500


If you have a website then you can use this sitemap generator

add your site url to  rss directories, web directories ,here you can submit your site url to one of the free general directory   DMOZ  OR  JUSTMEMO

 #4. Create rss feed for your blog through feedburner, Submit your rss feed to  rss submission directories.

#5. Frequently update your blog and then use ping services likeping.in or pingomatic. It will notify blog search engines and blog directories that your blog has been updated.

Create account for yahoo answers. log into the yahoo answers.
select categories eg;- business&finance->small business,finance,invest,Internet

your account. thats why i am telling create many account in yahoo and answer as many as questions regarding your topic and never forget to leave your site url.

Top High PR RSS Feed Directory Submission Site List

#6.  If you are using firefox or chrome browser then install the add-on web2pdf . Convert your blogsite into a pdf  through web2pdf. then  download it into your computer. Again upload it in slideshare and scribd  with title , keyword, and description.

#7.Participate in yahoo answers.

 You will find many people asking in this category how to make money online without investment. just answer their question and put your referral links or your site url there. Create at least 5 or 6 account in yahoo. Because if you answer  everyday in same topic make money online using same account yahoo will minimise the question for you. and chances may be there it will ban 
Before you are going to build back links, be careful about 3 things because if you will not be careful ,  you will not get traffic and you will bring an end to your blog before you start ranking in google.
You may create your blog with simple content but with good information and get some social media signals, sharing,like,tweeting  from (facebook,g+,twitter)
Google's penguin will hit your blog, if many unnatural links pointing back to your site. what is that unnatural links? Suppose you are new to blogging like me. You want to rank high in google. Therefore you need backlinks to your blog otherwise it is very hard to rank. For that what you have to do is submit your blog to blog directories, article directories, comment on others blog, submitting bookmarking sites, submitting guest post in high ranking domain. so that you will get backlink from those sites. But here is the problem, if your back link is not related to your topic or your anchor text is over optimized, then google's penguin will hit your blog,  which is very hard to recover or you can not recover.
Manual spam action, will be applied to your blog, if you have many unnatural link, pointing back to your site like penguin. But the difference between penguin and manual action is penguin is a software which will affect your blog according to the time of its updation. But manual spam action will be applied to your blog if one  of your competitor, inform the google , then google employee will manually review it and if they will found many unnatural  inbound link pointing back to your site, then they will apply manual spam action to your site. As the result, your blog will loose traffic  and rank,  which is very hard to recover. Therefore, now a days, best optimization is one, which is not optimizing your site. Focus on writing good content and get social media sharings.
I- Stay away from link schemes.  Do not be aggressive in link building while your blog is new 
II- While participating in forum discussion just add value in the discussion. Otherwise do not pariticipate.
III- while commenting on blog choose relevant and high PR  dofollow blog
 you will get more traffic to your blogsite. Just click that link and  click get started, then fill out  your necessary information including your site URL  in appropriate category.
and never forget to add your blog URL in profile page. Some sites help you get dofollow backlinks and some sites will help you to get you nofollow. It is better to get combination of both so that your link will look natural.
if you want to submit your blog url to a bookmarking site, then it will ask for a title and description. Then you can write a title related to your post title but while you are submitting many bookmarking sites, if you use same title again and again then your title will be over optimized which will lead your blog to be penalized. You can diversify your title .

Remember one thing your bookmarking title will be your anchor text and your anchor text should not seems to be manipulative. Never over optimize the same anchor text in all bookmarking sites.

                                                              <blog.pagetitle></blog.pagetitle>                       <blog.pagename></blog.pagename> - <blog.title></blog.title>                                                                                                                                                       

it will be placed in head tags in your template. Please follow this step. log into blogger dashboard->select template->select edit html-> select proceed. Then you will find your blog template and place , this meta tag  in below tag.  After that save your template.

#8. Submit your rss feed to MY YAHOO. just click content and then add rss feed

#9- Submit your site url to yahoo directories

#10-You can also submit your site url to yahoo book marking.and google bookmarking
Join in yahoo group, and google group. 

#11. Write  articles in go-article.com regarding your niche(eg-make money with ptc) and place your site url there which contains all your referral link and then submit it. you can also submit your article squidoo.com,hubpages.com,e-how.com, ezine article.com,web articles.com,article directory.com, selfgrowth.com and at the end of the post or in your author box just leave your blog URL. If you will not get traffic from these article directories, still it will help your blog to rank high in google.

#12-Build back links to your site. Back links are the links which triggered back to your website or blog. It is also known as incoming link or inbound link which you have received from other webpages or web directories. your search engine optimization totally depends upon the number of back links you have. If you have do-follow high PR (Page rank)  back links from your niche site then it will increase your page rank and your site will be visible at the top of the search engine, thats why back links are important . Suppose you have created a blog with great content and it appeared in search engine. but if you do not have back links other website will beat you easily and your blog will sink, So, if you want your site will get high rank in google and also a good rank in alexa for long time then you need quality back links. 

1- google's panda
2- google's penguin
3- manual spam action

so, let me give you some brief knowledge about these 3 things. Google's panda will hit your blog, if you have law quality post without having any real information for your readers or if you have done over optimization. like keyword stuffing, poor quality content with no updation or duplicate content. Suppose, you have created 10 posts in your blog and out of them 9 may have good quality content but one post is poor quality. This one post may make your entire  website or blog low. Therefore, remove that post from your blog or update with good information.

Never submit  low rank bookmarking sites,
before submitting just check their alexa rank through alexa site information. Never try to put the keywords in title ( anchor text) which seems manipulative or not related to your post.  Diversify your anchor text. You can put your anchor text like, "yoursite.com" "yoursite" your name or "click here" 

never put more keywords in tag field. or leave the tag. because the tags will create many inorganic backlinks

#13. Forum are the great ways to get backlinks and traffic. If you want to join in a forum, first of all that forum should be related to your niche topic. Most of the forum has option to add your blog in your profile, or in signature file. Forum is a place where members discussed about various topic. you can create a new thread or you can comment others thread. While commenting others thread, just add value their discussion otherwise it will be regarded as forum spam. Never keep an attitude of getting backlinks from forum by creating forum profile. That may lead your blog to penalization.  If you have something to say which will add value to the discussion, then you can participate. Now whenever you post a discussion or participate in  discussion  your site url will be attached to your discussion as a result you will get backlinks and traffic.

#14. Advertise your site  URL  in free google advertise  google places.com/places.
Similarly you can set your ad in yahoo local listing and bing local listing
yahoo local listing is available for USA BUSINESS only. you can set an usa address  so that you will able to get usa traffic.

#15.Submit your site url to the free classified ads site like  SULIT.COM.PH  Sulit.com is for philipine people only.  but you can post your ad if you have any philipine friend. take thier help. Because its language is philipine language only. You can translate it in google translation.  similarly you can post your ad other 20 free classified ads.

 #16. Share your blog in most prowerful social networking sites like,

#17 -   Some networking sites allow you to create groups, and pages. Then create your group and pages to promote your blog.

#18-  Use twitter to promote your blog. First grow your twitter followers. For that you can use tweepi tool. 

You can create a free account in tweepi. It will help you to follow 20 people at a time in twitter. Like that you can follow many people and wait for them to follow you.  In this way you can get many followers within some days and see the people who do not follow you and then unfollow them. You can maintain the balance between your following and followers through tweepi and take time to share your site url in twitter.

#19. submit your blog to  high PR social bookmarking sites like

 i - www.Digg.com

 ii-   http://www.technorati.com/

 iii- www.delicious.com

 iv - http://www.propeller.com/

 v - http://www.stumbleupon.com/

 vi - http://www.reddit.com/

 vii - http://www.fark.com/

 viii - http://www.bloglines.com/

#20-     like that you can submit 100 high PR do follow  social book marking sites. This will help search engine to find your blog. The benefit of submitting the bookmarking sites is you will get backlinks as well as your site will be get indexed. But be careful about your anchor text , while submitting. Make sure that your anchor text will be related to your blog title.  for example,

 Here you can get 20  social bookmarking site. Just submit as many as possible. And search in google "list of do follow social bookmarking sites with high PR". find out the whole list and submit your url one by one.

21-if you want your site to be indexed very fast by google then do 3 things
1- write the content with keywords
2- submit your site to bookmarking sites
3- submit your rss feed to rss directories
After you have done all these steps wait for some days then your blog will appear in search engine. These are the simple method to optimize your blog.



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