How to increase alexa rank Quickly 100% Working Method

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How to increase alexa rank Quickly 100% Working Method

Why You Should Improve Alexa Rank

You may ask me why should you improve the alexa rank of your blog? What are the benefits of it?
Well, actually it don’t have any value in terms of SEO but it has a significant value in terms of other blogging aspects.

For making it even clear to you I should tell you the effects of alexa rank on me. I hope now you’ll get a better idea on why you should take care of alexa ranking.
Whenever I need some information I do Google like you and when the results come up I used to visit only those site which has good alexa rank. I do believe I’ll get more genuine and authentic content from these site.
So you can see I’m strongly affected by alexa ranking  and it can happens to you and your readers too. That’s why as a blogger you should definitely take care of it.

How Alexa Measure Ranking

In past Alexa used to consider visits only which passes through their toolbar enabled browser. That means they count visits from only them who use Alexa toolbar on their browser.
Though the overall scenario has been changed significantly but yet their ranking measuring system is not up to the mark.
It still gives more priority to the toolbar enabled browsers than normal browsers.

My traffic increased More Than 50% after redesigning my site.
How to increase alexa rank Quickly 100% Working Method

A site redesign does’t means  a simple theme change. More than that, your site needs a complete change in.

#4.Social engagement.
Let’s talk about the best practices to redesign your site to get more traffic and audience.

1. Change Your Site Design

Site Design Checklist

User friendly
Easy to navigate
Have readable fonts
You can try new themes, layout ,color schemes for your site.   The complete design change makes your site more attractive.  Make sure that your new site design should be easy to use , navigate and have readable fonts.

I have switched to Johny Mag (I was using Magnet Theme For Blogger)
I got more flexibility, and my site is now running on a super speed, optimized and SEO friendly theme.

You Can Download Johny Mag Here

2. Improve your Site Performance

Site Performance checklist

Site speed
Site security
Search Engine Optimization
Site speed and security are the two major concerns in your site performance. A slow loading site drains your visitors. Site speed is one of the ranking measures by most of the popular search engines.

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Search Engine optimization is very important for your site success. Search engine traffic is the best free and the most converting traffic.

Do you konw ?, you will loose  4 out of 10 visitors if your site takes more than 10 seconds to load.
Quality Check

Sometimes the tiny things kill your site. So always check your spelling and grammar, browser compatibility, mobile-responsive, etc.

So what do you think ? Your site needs a complete redesign ? Speak your mind.
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