New Social Network Tsu ; Which Pays Users Who Post

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This Post Is About Tsu; Everything You Need To Know

In This Post We are discussing about
  • What is
  • How Get start on
  • What are the limitations of

What is

Tsu is an online social networking service headquartered in New York, New York. Its name comes from the appreciation of the Japanese aesthetic. Tsu was created by Evacuation Complete, LLC, a Texas corporation, which was founded on February 7, 2008. Founders of Evacuation Complete are Sebastian Sobczak, Drew Ginsburg, and Thibault Boullenger.Tsu is open to new users via invite.
Like Facebook, after registering to use the site, users may create a personal profile, add other users as friends, exchange messages, post status updates and photos, and receive notifications when others update their profiles. Tsu differentiates itself from competitors by allowing its users to maintain ownership of the content they post.
The inspiration for Tsu came from the story of Ed O'Bannon, the lead plaintiff in O'Bannon v. NCAA, an antitrust class action lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association regarding the association's use of the images of former student athletes for commercial purposes.
Tsu has been compared extensively to Ello, a contemporary social network that rejects selling user data as a product; Tsu's approach is to instead embrace the user as a product, and to sell data to advertisers and share the profits with the users as compensation.

Tsu is the Social Payment Network, this is free money that you earn for your activity and engagement and also from the activity from your children (sign ups to the platform) and your network. This not a get rich quick type of a deal this is just an easy way to make money online for free for something that we already do on other social media sites.

How To Get Started On

Feel free to sign up under me with this link, I’d appreciate it, otherwise, use the link of the person that first told you about Tsu.
After Signup Make sure that you are following me, and send a private message and intriduce your self.
And Upload Your Profile picture and Cover Picture, And do some necessary settings on the tab.
And discover Friends Using discover Users TabAnd Invite Friends to

What Are The Limitations???

  • 36 total posts in a rolling 24 hour period.
  • 8 shares of posts from others in a rolling 24 hour period.
  • 50 pending friend requests in a rolling 7-day period.
  • 1,000 people you can follow.
  • 5,000 friends.
  • 10 @ mentions (account mentions) allowed per post.
  • 10 hashtags allowed per post.
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