Block These Low CPC For Maximizing Adsense Earnings

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Block These Low CPC For Maximizing Adsense Earnings

Adsense is one of the greatest way for bloggers to turn their blogging effort into money. Hope all of you have got approved by google adsense, if not then i suggest you to please apply for adsense ! their are many plenty of factors are available over the internet about adsense earnings and as i have gone through those i came accross few great article written by the blogger about adsense functionality and its reality.
Yes their is lot of deference between functionality and reality of adsense, if you people wants to know in detail then please visit adsense forum where many smart people drop their views upto date. so here i want to give you one more important trick about adsese that is Blocking low CPC ads !

Do you know? Your Adsense earnings may be low due to low CPC rate ads? What is the solution for it to get fixed? If you’re looking for such post, then this post might help you in better ways. CPC stands for Cost Per Click. There are some advertise who pay the publishers very low bucks. Some ad bid may be give you only $0.01 per click. So they are considered under the low CPC ads. These low CPC ads will affects your earnings for sure!

For example, your blog getting good amount of traffic daily but no earnings! And you’re checking it, and noticed that your blog is shown full of low CPC ads. This is the main reason for low earnings. So what will be the solution for it? My answer will be by Blocking those Low Paying ads  So if you execute this to your adsense account, then you can notice the changes in few days later!

How to block Low Paying CPC Ads in Google Adsense?

Step 1: Go to your Google Adsense Account

Step 2: Navigate to “Allow & block ads” section found at the top menu bar.

Step 3: There you can see many options regarding blocking ads with various category such as General, Sensitive and Advertisers. So now based on your content niche of your blog you can block the ads. By making them to shown revelant ads related to your niche! Hope you got it.

Step 4: Now just the “Click Advertisers URLs”. And in the box, paste the below given URLs and click Block URLs once you done it!
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