Rent it Out - Save Money on Your Wedding

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Weddings are dream events where one can’t resist the temptation of splurging on essentials and not’s. The biggest expense for a woman who is getting married is the wedding dress but with strategic planning you can save a lot on that dream dress by simply renting it than purchasing. 

The idea of renting wedding dress is questioned by many brides to be just as giving wedding dresses for rent by the married ones. There are many reasons for that such as the emotional attachment to the biggest day of your life, the memories of dressing up in that gown for the first time, all the love and appreciation you receive on your wedding day etc. But post the wedding, your beloved dress lies in the closet for many years to come. You are so emotionally attached to it that the mere idea of transforming it in to a party dress is scary enough. So why not consider a social cause, let someone live your thrill of dressing up in your wedding dress for the biggest day of their lives and thank you for the rest of their life? 

If that idea sounds appealing to you then here are few more tips on how to save on your wedding:

Wedding dress for rent: 

Break those strings to material things, live the emotion and let someone else feel the thrill by renting your dress. On the other side, if you plan to rent a wedding dress ensure that the quality is up to the mark, it is well dry cleaned and doesn’t smell or have stains as this will be captured in the pictures haunting your closet for a lifetime. Some people who give wedding dresses for rent also request for a deposit which is quite fine as you are renting on someone’s possession and ensuring that the quality is intact in the form of a deposit is absolutely agreeable. 

Flowers on rent: 

It’s ok to be an eco-friendly person on your wedding day. Spare those lovely flowers and opt for artificial ones. You can even rent an entire floral décor for the event and return it when used to glorify another occasion. The best part is that you can afford to get an exquisite collection of flowers that look real without affecting Mother Nature. 

Open venue: 

It has been observed that open sky venues provide more space for customization unlike closed venues with décor restrictions. It is also easy on your pocket as there are not many elements provided by the venue to be charged upon. Again, it also depends if your wedding is season friendly, in monsoon or summer an open venue might not be the best idea. 

People have realized the timeliness of weddings, the elements like flamboyant wedding dresses, colorful flowers, exquisite food and venue is temporary, what lives is the emotions and an eternal bond of love. Therefore, if you plan to opt for wedding dress for rent in Delhi or any other city around the world make sure that you capture the essence of the moment than the price tag or societal status. 

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