What is The Best Age to Start Preschool for Kids?

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Your toddler has just learnt how to walk and seems to love playing with other kids their age. Are you planning of enrolling your toddler in a preschool? But is he or she really prepared to start preschool? 

Deciding a general blanket age for joining preschool in India is quite difficult. Parents have different queries and concerns about what the appropriate age must be, to start preschool. For most families, the difficulties of taking a decision are doubled because both parents might be working. Choosing a preschool where your child is not only given excellent care but their development is considered the main concern, can be a real struggle. 

Nowadays, parents in India enroll their toddlers in a preschool at an earlier age than before, say 18 to 24 months. However, ever so often it may be often found that a child before the age of three may not mentally prepared to adjust to a surrounding that is alien to them. Even if parents are not both employed, they might aspire to have their child off-spring experience social interactions and so, they decide to send their children to preschool at a fairly young age.

Experts agree that for the toddler’s sustained development, this is an experience that should not be missed as preschool helps children socialize, interact and assists the overall development of their personality. It should be a cherished beginning, now that the process of learning for a toddler begins at such an early age. The sooner, the better!

The Benefits

There are many advantages of joining preschool at an early age. Children who attend preschool are better prepared to make it as they are already equipped with the social skills needed and can then come prepared with a broader understanding and better language skills.

Moreover, the value of preschool is not just educational. The most important advantages of preschool are helping kids develop their concept of education, to introduce the idea that learning can be fun, and to teach kids how to share, compromise, and get along as a group. Thus, preschool is the best platform to judge whether your toddler is all set for school. So, if your little angel really enjoys being with other kids, has the aptitude for socialization and has decreased  sense of anxiety when separated from the both of you, your toddler may well be ready to attend preschool.

However, many parents send their kids to preschool even if they do not meet these criteria as they believe academically, it means their child will be equipped to get ahead. 

The Downsides 

If your tiny one is not at ease separating from you at the age of 1 or 2, you shouldn’t force the child to go to preschool. Even if the child isn't prepared for preschool when you'd wished, don't let it make you anxious. It's not the end of the world. Rather, it can be an enjoyable and amusing experience because it's not like a child who doesn't go to a preschool, won't be able to socialize, read, or write. It simply means that they aren’t ready to take on an institutionalized form of learning

So, when your little one reaches that age, make them excited about preschool in India. Don’t let the anxiety that you feel as a parent affect their personal growth. 
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