Latest Whatsapp Dare Messages September 2015

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Latest Whatsapp Dare Messages September 2015

Watsapp dare No. 1

Choose an Alphabet

A. write am the love of your life in your status wid name
B  Tell me your bf name
C. send me your best picture
D. Write my name in ur status wid I Love u
E.  tell me your biggest secret
F.  make me laugh
G.  send me a funny picture
H.  tell me how many times u had any bf/gf
I.  ask me out
J.  Buy me the most expensive gift till i satisfy
K. kiss me when u meet me next time
L. Tell me wat u think of me
M. Send me a voice note sayin “i luv u”
N. Tell me da name of ur lover
O. tell me the stupidest thing you did in your life
P. flirt with me as hard as u can til I satisfied
Q. send me video of you telling me I am sweet
R. Tell me why u love me
S   put my picture as your dp for 24 hours
T.  ask me to marry you
U. write that u love me in your status msg
V.  send me a pic of you
W. tell nickname
X.  tell me your gf/bf’s name
Y.  Ask me a candle lyt dinner
Z.  Write my name in ur status 4 A day

Watsapp dare No. 2

Confession game….So confess anything that you always wanted to tell me but were not able to?? Reply must!
1❤= long relationship with love
2👆= another chance
3💋= a long smooch
4🍦= icecream party
5💏= as a friend with benefits
6👍= true and best friendship
7🎬= a movie together
8👯= slow dance with me
9🚗= long drive
10🎤= one song for me
11💑= date me
12🚿= rain dance togeather
13♋= wanna make passionate love
14👫= I wanna be your GF/BF
15⛄= a big tight hug
16📝= one shayri
17💍= will u marry me
18😥= wnt u back in lyf
19🍻= chilling together
20🎁= gift
21 😛=a prank with me
22 🎽:Go shoping with me
24👫= Be a loving brother or sister

Watsapp dare No. 3

New watsapp dare😜…Select any one …
Waiting for your reply
👏👏: propose me
👉👉:get me rechrge of rps250😁
👊👊:come to a movie with me
✊:feed me with ur hands
👌👌:write my name in ur status for 2 days
👋👋 a tight hug
👐👐: send ur 10 photos.
🙌🙌: write sumthing for me in ur status
🙏🙏: lets go out
💪💪:put my dp😄
👎👎: I love U
✌✌: send me i lve u 3 times❤
☝☝:send me a pic of urs childhood

Watsapp dare No. 4

Solve this: Puzzle. ����

Let us see who can do it.
Here is a list showing the month and a number for each month .
January 713
February 823
March 531
April 542
May 351
June 462
July 471
August 683

Decipher the logic and find the number for September = ?
�� Challenge is O P E N for all GENIUS ��
Please support yöür answer by logic , it's compulsory ...��
September = 993 
9 - September 
9 - 9th Month 
3 - No. of Vowels in September

Watsapp dare No. 5

Puzzle Time challenge��
Chalo solve karo…

Its a 5 digit number where…
1st digit denotes how many zeroes are there in the number
2nd digit denotes how many ones are there in the number
3rd digit denotes how many twos are there in the number
4th digit denotes how many threes are there in the number
5th digit denotes how many fives are there in the number

Can you guess the number?


Watsapp dare No. 6

Try to solve it
Your all answer should start with "W" only
1. We all drink __
2. A colour __
3. A dry fruit__
4. A direction__
5. Marriage__
6. Vehicles have__
7. Seven days__
8. Buildings have__
9. Purse__
10. Fight__
11. March 8__
12. Aquatic mammal__
13. Salary__
14. Exercise__
15. Health is ___
16. Opposite of length__
17. An app__
18. A week day__
19. Where goods are stored__
20. Place for storing clothes__
21. A term used in cricket__
22. A wild animal__
23. Selling goods in large quantities__
24. 2/3 of earth is__
25. Earth__
26. Spider's house__
27. A fruit__
28. A body part__
29. Clock__
30. Guard__

Can you complete this?

1) Water 
2) White 
3) Walnut 
4) West 
5) Wedding 
6) Wheels 
7) Week 
8) Window 
9) Wallet 
10) War  
11) Woman's Day
12) Whale 
13) Wages  
14) Walk 
15) Wealth 
16) Wide 
17) Whatsapp 
18) Wednesday 
19) Worship 
20) Wardrobe 
21) Wicket 
22) Wolf
23) Wholesale
24) Water 
25) World 
26) Web 
27) Watermelon 
28) Waist / Wrist
29) Wands 
30) Watchman
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