iPhone 6 Plus Water Protection Test!

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Do you remembering the bending problem of iPhones??
When iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has been launched, apple got so much complaints about bending problem of their new product. But now every bending testing has been survived by iPhone.
But, have you ever thought about ,What will happen if your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus accidentally dropped into water??
Zach Straley Is uploaded a new video entitled "Apple iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6s Plus Water Test! Is it secretly waterproof? A waterproof review."

Company is not claiming that iPhone is Water resistant. But the New iPhone 6 Plus is passed the water protection test. We can see they are dropping the Phone into a water containing tumbler. and after 1 hour the phone is working perfectly. But we cannot give a clarification about the charging port and headphone jack. 

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