6 Tricks To Boost Your Home Wi-Fi Signals

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6 Ticks To Boost Your Home Wi-Fi Signals

Nowadays the number of Home Wi-Fi Users are very high. Sometimes unexpectedly the speed of Wi-Fi will become very slow! 
So by today's post am sharing some best ways to overcome this problem.
Keep In mind!
Apply it!

1. Position of Wi-Fi Router

Check the position of Wi-Fi Router, and make sure that you are getting good signal strength. Approximate 100 Feet is the signal range of the home Wi-Fi. Centre of the home is best space for placing the Wi-Fi Router. Am not recommending to place the Wi-Fi Router near to Walls, mirrors, And electronic devices,

2. Use Two Big Antenna

Your Wi-Fi Router's antennas are may not be capable of absorbing the required amount of signals, So if you are replacing the old antennas with brand new two big antennas, You'll get good signals and also good Speed. You will get good antennas at the price tag of Rs.500/-

3. Wi-Fi Router Software adjustment

Most peoples are not aware about the Wi-Fi Router Software adjustment, if you are applying best settings to the inter phase, you will get best and increased rate of transmission.

4. Repeaters

Repeaters are used for increasing the range limit of Wi-Fi Router. You can use multiple repeaters for your home, and its only have size of a small plug.

5. Hacking

You can increase the Wi-Fi Router's signals by using some tricks.
a. Place a parabolic shaped aluminium foil at the top of the antenna
b. Same way you can use a Beer can for boosting your Wi-Fi signals.

6 Ticks To Boost Your Home Wi-Fi Signals

6. Wi-Fi Thieves

Change your password periodically, because the outsiders can hack your password very easily.

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