5 Secret Tricks For Every WhatsApp Users

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5 Secret Tricks For Every WhatsApp Users

In last post we discussed about How To Send A Full Movie Through WhatsApp, So, I think i don't have to write a short description about Whatsapp, because everyone know everything about WhatsApp than me. Whatsapp have a 800 Million active users. But these 800 Millions users may not be aware of these Amazing WhatsApp Tricks.
So, am going to reveal it to you.

1. Do you know how to take back the deleted messages?

If you're doing Uninstall/Re-install of WhatsApp  you'll get back the recent back-up of chats.(Up to 7 days) If you want old messages, while installing click on Restore chat history. But the present chat history may be get delete. If you're unable to restore chat history,
1. The back-up may be damaged or corrupted.
2. The back-up may be too old.
3. Check the phone number
Use a file manager which can help to rename the back-up file.
By using manual setting you can back-up the messages on time by
WhatsApp>>Menu button>>Settings>>Chat settings>>Back Up chats

Top 10 WhatsApp Tricks

2.Don't Type, use google!

The new update is came with Voice command messaging. Google's Smart phone voice assistant, Google now is the main character. After Downloading the voice assistant app, Tell the app "Ok Google send a Whatsapp message to" . By using this method You can really send a voice message to the recipient. But now only English language is supported. and the other languages are testing now.

3. You Can hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery

By using file explorer App Create a (.nomedia) file in the WhatsApp Image folder, so the images won't appear on gallery. In iPhone you can do it on privacy settings.

Latest Whatsapp Status

4. Secure Back Up

By connecting whatsapp with google drive you can upload the back up to your google drive.
Everything on whatsapp can upload into google drive like, images, videos, audio's etc..

5. Keep Your Privacy

Go to your "Who can see my personal info" and do the necessary settings for Profile picture, Status, last seen. 
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