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The 15th of August has a great significance in the Indian history. In the year 1947 of this date, India got its freedom from the British Raj.  This year India will be celebrating its 70th independence day.  Just like every year, every person of the free India celebrates the privilege of being independent with great joy and patriotism in his heart. Everyone in the country greets each other patriotic wishes and exchanges their joy in several manners. People sing patriotic songs and remember the great souls who have laid down their lives for the freedom of their country and people. The martyr’s who struggled in the battle for the country are paid tribute on this day. The patriotism and the love for the country can be seen within everyone individual.


{ Short Essay On Independence Day} – The technology has advanced to a considerable extent in the present era, and the means of celebration have turned contemporary with its presence. People previously wished through telephones or by meeting in person. While at present, the people are connected through various means such as Whatsapp and Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. People have the craze of updating the pictures and Status on the Social media sites on the Eve of such special occasion. The exquisite illustrations about this great day can be found online in abundance. There are several poems and one-liners by the freedom fighters and politicians who dedicated their lives to make India a free Country. Inspirational songs describing the struggling scenario of the era before freedom are available on the web.


{ Independence Day Short Essay in English} – Signifying about the Freedom Struggle – Various programs and functions are organized all over the country to celebrate the eve of sovereignty. These programs are also conducted in the schools and college to enlighten the children about the importance of the Day. Various curriculum activities are performed for the kids to show their participation.  Activities that are part of this functions are Essay Writing, Dance, Speech competition, patriotic singing and many more. You can find various English Essay on Indian Independence Day on the internet.
Here is a short essay on Independence Day:
India got its freedom from the British Rule on 15th August 1947. /-/ence we celebrate our Independence D@y on 15th of August every year. \/\/e all know that Freedom is not free. It took years of efforts, non-violence @nd other /\/\ovement by 0ur national freedom fighter to attain Freedo/\/\. The school children take out c0l0rful Processions very early in the morning. National Flag is hoisted and the |\|ational /\nthem are sung in chorus.  They sing the glory of !ndia. Everyone takes a new o@th to serve the country and to restore her lost glory