23 November 2016

Do You Have That COURAGE In You?

Do You Have That COURAGE In You?

Do you have that courage in you to challenge the norms of our society in every single step you take?
To act against the odds of our society.
To be compassionate to the fellow beings without considering their caste, color or creed.
To stand for justice, even when the entire world speak against you.
To live according to your terms.
To live by listening to your heart, by doing what your heart desires. 

You don't have to live according to the perspective of others.
It's your life, you won't get another. 
Do what you want to do.
Go where you want to go.
Fly like a string-less kite in the vast sky,
like the ripples in the ocean.
Travel around the world and gain new heights of knowledge.
Your life is short, really short.
So live it well.
Don't forget to live by thinking about the future,
you never know whether there will be a future or not!

I call a person successful by how well he lived his life.
How much he enjoyed his life, that is what which matters!
At the end, it does not matter, how much you earned
or whether you had luxurious cars
or whether you had a big mansion.
What matters is the memories you made in your life,
without  forgetting to live.
Memories are priceless.
Make memories!

So just don't forget to live your life!