The Key Advantages of Penetration Testing – How Beneficial is Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a security testing, which is used for testing the insecurity of the company environment. No matter it is an application or network environment, it further attempts to exploit vulnerabilities for determining whether unauthorized access and malicious activity is possible. If system is not secured, probability for attacker to disrupt or take the authorized access to the system is high.

The real value of Penetration Test:

Many have a misconception or false assumption about the penetration testing. Moreover, it is also being used wrongly on some projects for various reasons. To point a few:

  • Assume that after penetration test you will be safe
  • Penetration test can find all vulnerabilities and other reasons
Most of the companies simply waste their money using this Penetration Testing without knowing about how effectively can it be used. However, here follow a few key benefits of the penetration testing;

  • It can reveal set of vulnerabilities: This testing process can identify the vulnerabilities that are related to time length of the test. It is also influenced on the skills of testers and other factors such as active web applications firewalls, network connectivity, application stability, system changes particularly during the test and much more
  • Shows real risk of vulnerabilities; The penetration tester will attempt to exploit identified vulnerabilities and the client company can see what attacker can do if these vulnerabilities were exploited in wild. The vulnerability that is theoretically classified to be high risk can be rated low risk or medium risk due to the difficulty of exploitation
  • Test cyber-defence capability: This penetration test will further help to test the capability of the cyber defence. However, the security team of the company should detect multiple attacks and respond right on time accordingly.
  • Help to comply with regulations and certification: some laws will emphasize the company to perform penetration test against their information systems. Moreover, it is also essential for the company to act after receiving the report as a result of penetration test.
 However, with many benefits to offer, the penetration tests are challenging and fun for the passionate testers.



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