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22 May 2015

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Secret Features Of AirForce One

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21 May 2015

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13 Images That Will Change The Way You See The World

Only in India
This photo makes me proud in Being INDIAN.

This awesome dog “Zanjeer” helped the Mumbai Police to detect explosives during 1993 Mumbai Bombings. Zanjeer helped to recover 11 military bombs, 57 country-made bombs, 175 petrol bombs, and 600 detonators. When he died he was honoured with a full state funeral.

Be a Man
Its not how you look makes you a Man, its your action.

What is Legal?
Killing or Creating?

Tea of War
Afghan offering Tea to an American Soldier.

A Final Embrace
During the collapse of a garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh many photos made people cry but the photo taken by Bangladeshi Photographer “Taslima Akhter” made the entire country cry.

Bed of Dreams
At least everybody got the Right To Dream.

Survival of the Luckiest
During 26/11 many lost their lives and many got lucky. Life is uncertain and that’s the beauty of live.

No one is born Racist
We should learn something from Children.

Life after Attack
About half a million Gaza children returned to school two weeks ago, after a summer of war. But the restart has faced many challenges and it was one of them.

Being Indian
Three Major Religions of India in a single Pic.

Being Human
During floods in Cuttack this amazing man saved kittens and proved that Humanity is Alive.

Tank Man
During the Pro-Democracy protest in 1989 at Tiananmen Square, Beijing a man stood in front of tanks. “Tank Man” stood to stop the tanks which were going at the protest area. This photo is considered as one of the most iconic photo of 20th century.

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