What are the most popular Indian tech blogs?

What are the most popular Indian tech blogs?

Exploring the Indian Tech Blogging Scene

When it comes to technology, India is a rapidly growing market with a plethora of tech blogs catering to the needs of tech enthusiasts. From the latest gadgets and software to startup stories and IT trends, these blogs offer a wealth of information for anyone interested in the latest happenings in the tech world. Let's delve into some of the most popular Indian tech blogs that have made their mark in the industry.

Gadgets 360

Gadgets 360 by NDTV is undoubtedly one of the most popular tech blogs in India. The blog offers a comprehensive coverage of the latest news and reviews about gadgets, technology, and apps. The content on Gadgets 360 is both informative and insightful, making it a favorite among tech enthusiasts across the country. The blog also offers an online shop where one can buy gadgets and tech accessories.


Tech2 is another leading name in the Indian tech blog circuit. A part of Network 18, Tech2 offers news, reviews, and detailed analysis of the latest gadgets, games, and tech trends. The blog's exhaustive coverage of the tech industry and its crisp writing style makes it a must-read for many tech enthusiasts.


Digit is a leading tech blog in India that offers a mix of product reviews, tech news, and tutorials. With detailed and unbiased reviews of gadgets, Digit is a reliable source of information for consumers looking to buy new tech products. The blog also features a forum where readers can discuss and share their own experiences and knowledge about technology.

Fone Arena

Fone Arena is a go-to blog for all mobile phone enthusiasts in India. The blog covers everything from the latest smartphone launches to detailed reviews and features of mobile phones. Fone Arena also provides updates on mobile phone technology, apps, and telecom news.


TechPP, short for Technology Personalized, is a popular tech blog in India that offers a personalized take on technology. The blog covers a wide range of topics including gadgets, apps, and web tools. TechPP's in-depth reviews and how-to guides make it a valuable resource for tech enthusiasts.


Trak.in is a unique tech blog that focuses on the business aspect of technology in India. It provides analysis and news on Indian startups, businesses, and tech trends. Trak.in is a great source of information for entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone interested in the Indian business and tech scene.


NextBigWhat is a blog that offers insightful analysis and news about the Indian startup ecosystem and technology trends. The blog also organizes events and workshops aimed at entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. NextBigWhat's focus on innovation and entrepreneurship makes it a must-read blog for tech startup enthusiasts.

9to5Mac India

9to5Mac India is a blog dedicated to all things Apple. It offers news, reviews, and tips related to Apple products. If you are an Apple enthusiast, 9to5Mac India is the blog to follow for the latest updates on your favorite gadgets.


Beebom is a tech blog that provides easy-to-understand news, reviews, and guides about technology. With a focus on consumer technology, Beebom covers a range of topics including smartphones, apps, and social media. The blog is known for its visually appealing infographics and videos that make tech content easy to digest.


Last but not least, Geekyranjit is a tech blog run by Ranjit Kumar, one of India's most popular tech YouTubers. The blog, like his YouTube channel, offers unbiased gadget reviews, tech news, and tips and tricks for tech enthusiasts. Geekyranjit's simple and easy-to-understand language makes it a favorite among many Indian tech enthusiasts.

These are just a few of the many tech blogs in India. Each of these blogs offers a unique perspective on technology, making the Indian tech blogging scene diverse and vibrant. So, whether you are a tech enthusiast, a consumer looking for gadget reviews, or an entrepreneur interested in the startup scene, there is a tech blog out there for you.

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